The proyect

"Gaudeo" is a Latin verb meaning "be happy", "take joy in", "rejoice", "take delight in", "take pleasure in". In addition, a form of this verb is the first word sung in the university hymn par excellence, the Gaudeamus igitur. And, opportunely, it is a perfect, matchless acronym for the original Spanish name of the University of Oviedo's virtual gallery (galería virtual de la Universidad de Oviedo), GAUDEO.

GAUDEO, the University of Oviedo Gallery, is a new, on-going project aimed at disseminating the architectural, artistic and bibliographic heritage housed in the University of Oviedo's founding building. The Asturian academic institution makes it available to researchers and experts from around the world and to society at large for its viewing pleasure.

As a resource, GAUDEO consists of two interrelated and integrated galleries: GAUDEO ARS and GAUDEO LAPIS.


GAUDEO ARS is a virtual gallery of furnishings which includes paintings, sculptures, and other objects of academic significance. GAUDEO ARS also comprises a dynamic, permanently growing collection of the treasures (incunabula, manuscripts, rare editions, etc.) kept in the Historical Library, which is located in the University of Oviedo's founding building.

Each and every one of the works of art in the University of Oviedo's founding building included in GAUDEO ARS has been duly catalogued, rigorously studied and technically described by specialists in History and Art at the University of Oviedo.

All the paintings and stained glass windows have been photographed in high resolution, under optimum controlled lighting conditions, and painstakingly and appropriately post produced one by one. This photographic process permits high magnification of the works. Furthermore, the sculptures and bulky objects are visible in 360º views.

The bibliographic treasures are displayed in their entirety, which constitutes an extremely valuable resource for research.


GAUDEO LAPIS is a virtual tour of all the halls and rooms of the University of Oviedo's founding building, the current seat of the University Extension Cultural Centre, LAUDEO –the Spanish acronym for "La Antigua Univerdad de Oviedo" (The Old University of Oviedo)–, and of the former Recoletas School next door, the current seat of the rectorship.

The virtual tour has been carried out using spherical photography. Each of the halls and rooms is identified and introduced by an info-point with a pop-up description, and all the works and elements of artistic value are similarly flagged. The info-points provide a brief description of the corresponding element, as well as a link to the corresponding file in GAUDEO ARS, where it is possible to view a complete and detailed description of the piece, along with the corresponding documentation, and access the magnifying viewer of the HD reproductions.

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