• Historic Building

    C/ San Francisco, nº1. Oviedo-33003

    This, the first of the University of Oviedo's buildings, was built between 1574 and 1608 to house the university founded by Archbishop Fernando de Valdés Salas in accordance with a testamentary disposition of 1566 and a project by Rodrigo Gil de Hontañón dated 1574.

    It is built in the purist style, with regular ashlar blocks and no other decoration than the frieze that runs around the entire perimeter, the carved shields on the corners bearing the coat of arms of the house of Valdés and the two entrances. The main entrance, in the street named San Francisco, is more profusely decorated, with elements inspired by the classical repertoire. The Valdés family emblems are repeated on the top floor, where they flank a window. The top is crowned by a small pediment from which the figure of the founder bestows his blessing.

    The secondary façade is simpler, repeating the heraldic motifs, though with less ornamentation.

    The area which was once the chartered territory of the University is marked by a small stone wall along the secondary façade and a series of stone benches linked by chains along the main façade. The rector ruled supreme within these bounds, such that no-one enrolled at the university could be prosecuted, arrested or, therefore, convicted, by any other justice.

    Once inside, a central courtyard serves as a unifying element for the different rooms and as an area of transit and rest. The ground floor housed the lecture halls as well as the chapel, thereby providing easy access to religious services. The senate room, library and porter's room were located upstairs.

    Once the building had been finished, academic activity commenced in the faculties of Arts, Canon Law, Law and Theology, with the official opening taking place on 21 September, 608.

    The most important modifications to the building included, in the 18th century, the raising of a floor over the south and west walls that until then only had a ground floor and, in the 19th century, the replacing of the old belfry by the current observatory tower.

  • Rectorate. Former Recoletas School

    C/ San Francisco, nº3. Oviedo-33003

    Historically, this was the building that housed another of the institutions founded by Valdés Salas: the Colegio de Niñas Huérfanas Recoletas (Boarding School for Orphan Girls), designed to house the orphaned and poor girls of the diocese of Oviedo, known as the Colegio de Recoletas. The original constitution of this centre dates back to 1676, the year in which it began to operate, and sought to undertake the education of women with an innovative spirit that included such unusual activities as reading and arithmetic.

    Architecturally, it recalls the urban civil architecture of the 16th century. It consists of two floors, predominated by the ground floor, which occupies most of the building, and contains a doorway comprised of radial segments forming a depressed arch which is offset to the right. To the left of the door there is a window and, above both, a stretch of blank wall topped by a thin moulding that leads to the most open part of the entire building. This last part presents a central mixtilinear arch with two openings formed by a small central column on which is located the Cross of the Angels. This space is flanked by two windows with lintels. The third storey, recessed above the others, was added later in the early 1940s.

    After the Civil War, it was used as a seat of governance and today it still houses the University of Oviedo Rectorate Building.

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