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Casa del Río Workshops [attributed to] Large cabinet

Inventory no.
joined, carved
wood, iron
225x250x55 cm

A library cabinet comprising three units supported by eight legs with round bun feet. The two side units each consist of a single glass door that is curtained inside, while the central unit, extending slightly forward with respect to the other two, is formed by double doors with curved glass which are also curtained inside. This unit is topped with a moulded cornice, while the sides feature an Alphonsine-styled balustrade that affords a certain degree of lightness to the sides of the cabinet. All the doors have locks. The rich decoration of this piece of furniture comprises elements from the Renaissance repertoire, such as those found at the bottom of each of the doors, whose coffers are decorated with a carved hollow cartouche displaying garlands and cornucopias. The top of the central section is surrounded by a moulding with plant motifs in the form of ears of grain; in the spandrels of the arch forming the pane there are carved garlands of plants, while the arch itself has a quoin representing a small heraldic device. The decoration of the cabinet is completed by columns attached to the frame that separate the units and which include Renaissance decorative elements such as lion heads, drapery tassels, scrollwork, volutes, etc.

This piece entered the University after the fire during the October Revolution of 1934, which caused the loss of the furniture that was in the historic building. The overall project to furnish the building was carried out by local workshops, but the Casa del Rio workshops received commissions for most of the work. These workshops were established in Oviedo in the late 19th century by the brothers José and Bernabé del Río and were incorporated as the J.B. y F. del Río Company in 1919. The business outfitted the most emblematic buildings in the region for many years, becoming one of the most renowned decorating firms in the region.

The cabinet is currently found in the Gown Room, where the academic gowns of the faculty members are kept.

Text and cataloguing: Leire Fernández Rodríguez, research fellow.

Location on the mapUbicación de la obra en las instalaciones de la Universidad



  • Universidad de Oviedo
  • Campus de Excelencia Internacional